Ali Massari Al Dhaheri extends his congratulations to the university sports community in the United Arab Emirates on the occasion of IDUS 2023.

In his statement commemorating International Day of University Sports, Ali Massari Al Dhaheri, Executive Director of the United Arab Emirates School and University Sports Federation and a member of the Executive Office of the Asian University Sports Federation, conveyed his sincere felicitations to the university sports family in the United Arab Emirates. He wished them continued success and dedication in supporting and advancing university sports within higher education federations. This endeavour plays a pivotal role in the discovery, refinement, development, cultivation, and qualification of sporting talents in universities, enabling them to ascend to the podium and proudly raise the UAE flag at various Arab, regional, and international university sports events. Mr. Ali Massari Al Dhaheri emphasized that sports in the UAE receive unwavering support, attention, and care from our wise leadership. This is demonstrated through the provision of best practices, active participation in local and international sporting events and activities, the development of community sports, and the expansion of the sports participant base. He further elaborated that the UAE is committed to its pivotal and pioneering role in enhancing the university sports system. This commitment is realized through ambitious and developmental programs initiated by the United Arab Emirates School and University Sports Federation. These programs involve the adoption of future strategies, the enhancement of youth capabilities, and the creation of optimal conditions for them to attain leadership positions in regional, continental, and international sports federations, particularly within the domain of university sports. Innovative initiatives are continually introduced to motivate and inspire young athletes, as sports play a vital role in promoting healthy lifestyles among students. Mr. Ali Massari Al Dhaheri underscored the dedication of the Arab Emirates School and University Sports Federation to pursue strategic goals, including ambitious and advanced projects aimed at significantly increasing sports participation across society. National strategies are also being developed to address all aspects of sports engagement among young people in universities, encompassing talent discovery, nurturing, and the provision of comprehensive support to empower youth, develop their potential, and refine their skills. He highlighted the critical role played by school and university sports as the primary and largest source for nurturing promising sports talents. This is especially significant given the priority placed on the youth and sports sector within the state, recognizing that young people represent the true wealth and promising future of the nation, forming the foundation for its growth and renaissance. Mr. Ali Massari Al Dhaheri commended the tangible and positive contributions of university sports federations, clubs, and centers in enhancing the skills of young individuals, making productive use of their free time, and participating in programs designed to develop their abilities, refine their experiences, and establish sports programs for women and individuals with disabilities. Additionally, he acknowledged the value of international collaboration and knowledge exchange with university youth worldwide. As part of our university's participation in celebrating International University Sports Day, we organize a diverse range of sporting events, workshops, and lectures. Furthermore, we actively engage with the International Federation of University Sports to jointly commemorate this significant sports day.

2023/09/20 04:03 PM





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