UAE School and University Sports Federation launches the first training center for school games with the aim of developing the discovery of sports talents

His Excellency Sheikh Suhail Bin Butti Al Maktoum: Secretary General of the federation, in cooperation with its strategic partners, looks forward to achieving the best commitment to government directives aimed at promoting a culture of practicing sports among all segments of society

2023/02/16 08:23 AM

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• The first training center to be opened within the school games project
• The center includes swimming and badminton
• The federation works to spread school sports training centers in eight sports for the age groups between 9 and 14 years old.
• Sports included in the school games: Archery, swimming, badminton, athletics, judo, shooting, taekwondo and fencing
• Work will now begin to launch training centers in the three sports "Badminton - Swimming - Athletics", as they are already included in the teaching curricula and enjoy a wide spread.
• Students' registration requests are received through the new electronic platform launched by the Federation
United Arab Emirates, 15 February 2023
UAE School and University Sports Federation opened swimming and badminton training center on Wednesday, a at the Dubai International Private School in Al Quoz, as part of the federation's plan to spread school games training centers in eight sports for age groups from 9 to 14 years with the aim of enhancing the discovery of sports talents ,This is in line with government directives and the federation's strategy aimed at preparing new sports champions capable of achieving international achievements

The inauguration was attended by Ali Massari Al Dhaheri, Executive Director of the Federation, Dr. Akram Zayour, Director of Dubai International School and Director of the School's Administrative and Educational Authority, Nasser Khamis, Secretary General of the Emirates Badminton Federation, Nasser Belshalat Director of Human Resources - National Olympic Committee, and Ian Wright, Regional Director for Development Badminton in the International Federation of University Sports, Jaafar Ibrahim Director of Badminton Development in the UAE Badminton Federation, and Marwan Al-Hattawi, Coach of the UAE Swimming Team.
On the launch of the new center, His Excellency Sheikh Suhail bin Butti Al Maktoum said: “The federation, in cooperation with its strategic partners from the institutions of the educational and sports sectors, is looking forward to achieving the best commitment to government directives aimed at promoting a culture of practicing sports among all segments of society. Encouraging students to practice sports contributes to an early age in expanding the base for attracting talent and enhancing opportunities to build an empowered generation capable of consolidating the presence of the UAE on the global sports map.
His Excellency continued: "The federation is working to secure the appropriate infrastructure to prepare and qualify talents in cooperation with the educational sector institutions, in addition to continuous research with the concerned sports federations within the school games to develop appropriate technical plans, and in the first step we started working in the centers through the sports that are already in the curricula." Schools, which enjoy a wide spread, provided that the work in the centers for the rest of the sports will be continued successively.
Ali Massari Al Dhaheri, Executive Director of the federation, confirmed that the federation has a clear strategy for the advancement of school and university sports in the UAE in cooperation with strategic partners in each of the Ministry of Education, the Emirates Foundation for School Education, higher education institutions and various sports federations to achieve the vision of the UAE centennial aiming to be a state The UAE is the best country in the world on the occasion of the centenary of its founding.
The opening ceremony included a presentation of a training activity for students in swimming and badminton, in addition to a heritage presentation by school students in the heritage area
Earlier this week, the federation announced the start of work in training centers for eight sports, Archery, swimming, badminton, athletics, judo,shooting, taekwondo and fencing.
The center located within Dubai International School is the first center to be opened within this project, as work will now begin to launch centers in 3 sports: badminton, swimming and athletics, and other centers will be opened for the rest of the sports, respectively
The school games were divided into two types of programs, the first is a competitive one targeting the age groups between 15 and 17 years old, and the second is a training one targeting the groups between the ages of 9 and 14 years.
The competitive program includes holding tournaments inside schools in all emirates of the country, so that the best athletes qualify to compete with each other in championships held at the regional level in the second phase of the program, before the competitions reach the third phase in which the best sports talents compete at the state level
While the training program focuses on launching training centers across the UAE for age groups between 9 and 14 years old, with receiving student registration requests through the electronic registration platform launched by the federation.
It is noteworthy that the Emirates Sports Federation for School and University Education Institutions had also revealed earlier this week the details of its new electronic platform, through which parents can register their children in any of the centers that are launched, while obtaining full information about the centers, the sports in them, and the accredited coaches.



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